John Giesecke provides design guidance and solutions for human living environments with a focus on hospitality. The warehouse serves as a meeting and studio space for artists, builders, designers and musicians alike. The collaborative environment of talent crosses the boundaries between residential and commercial, industrial and decorative, pragmatic and subversive ideas and projects.

Selected Projects

Current Sushi -

Concept renderings, new bar and installations.

Washington, DC

Sculpture Surface Treatments for Peter Krisko

Donation Project

Eden Night Club - 3rd Floor

Concept renderings and production drawings for Charles Zhou.

Washington, DC

Corian Kitchen Palette, White

Surgical grade Corian Kitchen Palette. Multiple sizes and colors available upon request.

Annual fundraising donation product. Available at

Vintage 51 Restaurant

Interior design planning and graphic partition banner treatments. Chanitilly, VA.


Custom furniture and mirror wall treatments. Washington, DC

Knock Series

Scalable table concept. Side table prototypes 1 & 2. Gapless Plywood

Station 9




Station 9 Restaurant

Custom lighting and surfaces for designer David Rosenberg. Located at 15th and U St. NW, Washington, DC.

Station 9



Wallpaper and Fabric Patterns

Here are some of my latest surface patterns. Available as walpaper and fabric.


Cast Concrete Turtles

Public Park Project. Four cast and tinted concrete turtles for the 7th and North Carolina Avenue S.E. park. Designed and built at the Giso Studio with Jesse Caldwell and Barnaby Rhue.


700cc Cup Globe

Custom lighting globe Concepts 2 & 3 made from 700cc cups. Check out the installed version at Station 9.


Lathe Series

Pictured Prototype. Lathed side table made of glued and clamped wooden blocks of recoverd heart pine with a tung oil finish. We are currently taking orders for the next run in walnut.

Jayco SA



Eco-Resort Destination site analysis and development concept.

Eco-Resort Destination for Jayco SA, resort planning and renderings . Port Elizabeth South Africa

Vintage 50


Vintage 50 Restaurant and Brewery

Design Consultant, Leesburg, VA.

Jayco Hotels




250 Room Urban Hotel Concept

Concept, design development & renderings for Jayco Development Inc.

Gallery Restaurant



Gallery Restaurant

Custom railing installation and ceiling treatments. Consultant for David Rosenberg.

Steve's Bar


Steve's Bar Room

Design development and project management for Steve's Bar Room.

Union Pub

Interior design, project and construction management.

Club Five

Design Build for Club Five's second floor and VIP.

Curry Club


Curry Club

Brand Development for Carry Out and Product Display.